“As the first deaf medical student at the University of Wisconsin, many doubts, fears, and uncertainties within myself and the medical school administration clouded the excitement of my acceptance letter. Nonetheless, hiring Alicia was the best decision we collectively made together. With her leadership, we navigated uncharted territory as a team through professionalism, innovation, and creativity. We discovered one solution after another so I not only survived, but thrived. I could not have persevered through medical school without the help of her and her excellent team of interpreters. Now, after successfully completing residency, I have total confidence in my ability to care for the whole patient as a family physician in a highly underserved area of Colorado.”
- Josh Reiher, MD Integrative Medicine Fellow, Saint Anthony North Family Medicine Residency
“Alicia is passionate about her service to the deaf community, and it shows in her every action. While she was working with a team who provided services to our two Deaf/HoH medical students, I could count on her to be well-organized, ethical and reliable.  She dedicated herself to keeping up with medical terminology and procedures, and overseeing the scheduling of the team members. I never had to worry that the students wouldn’t have what they needed!”
- Jeanie Robertson Disability Director
“Their work was innovative, student-centered, and just outstanding.”
- Brent Nelson Learning Specialist
“Alicia has provided both direct interpreting services and managed my Designated Interpreting team for several years as a medical student and resident physician in family medicine. She has a well-developed and intuitive sense for my needs, the traits necessary in an interpreter, and for navigating the unusual circumstances that invariably have arisen, such as bilingual clinic coverage, monthly travel, a catastrophic loss of an interpreter, and work environments resistant to disability accommodations. I cannot say enough to recommend her either as an interpreter or coordinator.”
- Michael Argenyi, MD Northwestern Family Medicine PGY-1, Erie Family Health
“Alicia/Designated Interpreters strives to provide high quality interpreting services with the needs of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing client at the forefront. She/they believe in tailoring the services to be fully accessible for the client to maximize his/her potential without accessibility being a limiting factor. Alicia/DI holds interpreters/CART providers in high regard for the professional services they bring to the table, placing them in appropriate settings for their skills and the needs of the client, and seeks to treat them great dignity and respect.”
- Sue Gudenkauf Interpreting LLC, RID CT/CI, SC:L, Q-MHI