Medical Programs

How does DI LLC differ from a sign language interpreter referral agency?

Traditional agencies receive bids for jobs and then attempt to fill the need with appropriately skilled interpreters. Sometimes the interpreters have experience with the content; many times, they do not. Our interpreters are skilled in medical terminology and methodologies in the healthcare field.

Additionally, our services are tailored to each client to offer full coverage and interpreter continuity that other agencies often cannot provide. We pride ourselves on successful patient and healthcare peer encounters for our clients, and our view is that nothing should compromise this goal, especially not profits.

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How do costs compare to hiring hourly interpreters?

Because our services are crafted to each healthcare professional, our billing model is comprehensive in nature and reflects the diverse scheduling demands of a medical professional. Our costs remain competitive, and more often than not come in lower compared to hiring hourly services. We always craft services with long-term goals in mind.

How can DI LLC provide local support as a national agency?

We have a vast network of regional and local interpreters that are familiar with the diversities that exist in each city and state. If qualified local providers cannot be secured, we locate trained individuals and bring them aboard for long-term assignments. Our infrastructure allows us to provide continued daily support for scheduling, navigating hospital systems, trainings and creative solutions for unique clients.

Does DI LLC offer recruitment services, advocacy support, or consulting?

If your program is considering full-time employment for your designated healthcare interpreter, we can assist you in the recruiting process to ensure the best match, credentialing and competitive rates.

Consulting comes naturally to us and advocacy is our primary goal. Together we can create an action plan for your temporary or long-term deaf healthcare professional.


Does DI LLC offer any training opportunities?

Yes. Onsite trainings are available for medical staff and coordinators. These trainings cover appropriate methods for working with interpreters in the healthcare field. We also offer trainings for interpreters who wish to explore designated interpreting as a profession. Additional trainings and classes are also available at professional conferences (AMPHL) and universities (University of Southern Maine Department of Linguistics.) Please contact us for training opportunities.

We also offer internship opportunities for interpreters. These interpreters are able to shadow veteran DI’s to gain first-hand practical knowledge about our field.

As a Designated Interpreter will there be travel involved in my work?

It’s possible. Deaf medical professionals (especially students) often have the opportunity to travel in their final years of medical school. These away rotations can be rewarding experiences that allow the interpreting team to delve into different medical environments and modalities. It’s also a chance to diversify our own skill sets as interpreters. Additionally, with our national client base you may have the opportunity to interpret with other teams.

As a designated interpreter what kind of team support will I have?

Team support is at the forefront of our scheduling model. Medical shifts do not often follow those of traditional business, and long, unorthodox hours are common. It is important to have appropriate time to rest, recoup, and enjoy life. We get it, and our team support structure is designed to honor this philosophy. Team meetings, onsite team work and daily blogging discussions are built into your work flow to create continuity for you and the client.

Do you hire only long-term Designated Interpreters or do you offer short –term assignments?

We provide interpreting services for training, conferences, and events in the medical field, however the majority of our services support postgraduate work, residency interviews, and residency itself. We do not generally accept hourly assignments.

Deaf Professionals

As a Deaf Healthcare Professional will I be able to select my designated interpreters?

Absolutely. The DI/DP relationship is one built on myriad levels of trust and understanding; therefore, it is imperative that each match is a good fit for everyone. This chemistry ensures a symbiotic arrangement amongst the entire team.

Does DI LLC offer captioning services?

We work with a vast network of accommodation providers including captioners for both onsite and remote needs for lectures, and enhancing the message in the work environment including operating rooms, reading rooms and as many places you will allow our creativity to go.

We also have perfected enhancing videos with captioning and embedding captions with quick, affordable methods. We know your work is time sensitive and unpredictable, so we are ready to serve.